•   almost 2 years ago

Prizes cannot be awarded to people living in countries sanctioned by the EU or USA

But EU sanctioned USA too. Does that mean prizes wont be received by people participating from USA.



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    Private user Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

    Hi, thank you for pointing that out. People from the USA can receive prizes. I will update this section to make clear this only applies to certain types of sanctions related to banning providing liquidity and assets to people from another country.

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    Private user Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

    It has been updated, it now only includes the fully restricted countries: Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and Ukraine. 

    Of course there are also other countries where a similar restriction is at place, but it only applies to specific individuals. As long as you are not a sanctioned individual, you can join.

  •   •   almost 2 years ago

    Thanks for updating

  •   •   over 1 year ago

    Can someone give details on the split of the prizes for the winners(each team)?

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