•   almost 2 years ago

Free Air Quality & Pollen data for research projects

BreezoMeter is the leading provider of street-level and real-time air quality information, including air pollution, pollen and active fires data, available for public use via our app and integrated by leading brands across healthcare.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought a renewed awareness to air pollution and the impact that poor air quality has on our health.
As a company with the mission to improve the health of billions worldwide, we want to aid in the mitigation of the corona impact on our health, in any way that we can.
Luckily we are in the position to help.
This is why we’ve decided to open up our air quality data for free to research projects exploring the impact of poor air quality exposure.
If you represent an organization or institution involved with non-commercial research and plan to publish your findings publicly, our data might be available to you.
Please contact us to confirm your eligibility. https://breezometer.com/free-air-quality-data-research

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