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almost 2 years ago

Join us for a series of privacy-preserving AI webinars and team building events - powered by

Hello CoVIDathon warriors! Exciting news ...

We have 3 days of technical webinars planned for you to kick off the hackathon! Thu - Fri - Sat at 8:30 PM CET

Webinars are going to cover various aspects of privacy preserving AI/ML


On Sat we will have a keynote by Andrew Trask, founder of OpenMined


Register for all three

Or each:

One more thing: after each webinar we will run an open mic team building session where anyone who has ideas can come to the screen and pitch. Immediately after that they will get a Discord channel for their team and leave the webinar to start BUIDLing!

See you soon ...

- NiMA on behalf of team @CoVIDathon