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almost 2 years ago

How to build privacy preserving CoVID19 Apps - Recommended readings from our tech collaborators <<OpenMined>>

Hi everyone!

We would like to share a few valuable blog posts from our techology collaborators OpenMined. They're the leading open source community focused on privacy preserving AI/ML.





The ultimate goal of COVIDathon is having a positive impact on the CoVID19 pandemic and the resulting hardships. We believe collaboration is key to solving many of our probelms. Because of this, we encourage teams to not reinvent the wheel! Joining existing efforts and working with those teams can be as valuable and rewarding as starting your own project from scratch.

All the code written by the OpenMined community is opensource and freely available. We encourage you to contribute to their projects and potentially submit to COVIDathon together with their existing teams! 


I'll end with my favorite life advice: 

"if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together"

Wish you all the best for your COVIDathon projects,